Today In Court – Wednesday March 23, 2016

The Crown closes its case Defense opens theirs The Crown closed their case today with their final witness, Dr. Gamble, who they first called yesterday. Defense counsel began their cross-examination late yesterday and concluded today. Dr. Gamble is responsible for writing Ezekiel’s death summary. He was the doctor that took over his care from Dr. … Continue reading “Today In Court – Wednesday March 23, 2016”

Today In Court – Thursday March 17, 2016

Restriction On Publication Defense counsel raised two objections early this morning requiring the jury to separate from the courtroom and its proceedings. They were not called back today and may not be called back until Monday, March 21, 2016. Counsels on both sides are awaiting the Judge’s decision on the objections raised. A publication ban … Continue reading “Today In Court – Thursday March 17, 2016”

Today In Court – Wednesday March 16, 2016

“No Crystal Ball” Those were the words of Dr. Barbara Ross, the Pediatric Intensivist first called by the Crown yesterday, as she responded to Defense questions under cross-examination today. But before we report on her answers from today, lets explore what she likely meant by not having a crystal ball. According to Webster’s, a crystal … Continue reading “Today In Court – Wednesday March 16, 2016”

Today In Court – Tuesday March 15, 2016

“Cumulative Evidence” Unfair prejudice, Confusing the issues, Misleading the jury, Undue delay Cumulative evidence was the subject of a defense counsel objection, raised at the onset of proceedings this morning. The issue at hand is the continual presentation of similar, if not identical evidence through different witnesses. For an example, lets say 20 people see … Continue reading “Today In Court – Tuesday March 15, 2016”

Today In Court – Monday March 14, 2016

“Spontaneous Respiratory Effort” … he could breath !! Finally the truth! We now know what Ezekiel’s state was prior to arriving at the Alberta Children’s Hospital: He could breath. Yes, he was intubated and an airway was established and his heart was pumping again when the critical care response team arrived from Calgary. In their … Continue reading “Today In Court – Monday March 14, 2016”

Today In Court – Friday March 11, 2016

Today was a short court day because of the late sitting the night before. Court was in session from approximately 1pm – 4:30pm. The Crown brought forward their witness Dr. Jennifer D’Mello. Dr. D’Mello is a pediatrician with a specialty in emergency room pediatrics. Her primary role, however, is to work with the child welfare … Continue reading “Today In Court – Friday March 11, 2016”