Today In Court – Monday April 11, 2016

Court returned from its extended Easter break today, and David Stephan was called by Defense counsel to give evidence that, as David said to a swarm of reporters this morning, “… show that we’re not guilty, by explaining what took place”. However, the excitement on the outside of the court building did not continue into the courtroom. There seemed to be a fog throughout the day, as the jury and all attending heard what is now a tiresome replay of events. The Crown made sure of this by the overplaying of details, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, before they finished their case nearly three weeks ago.

Defense counsel asked David if he had ever been shown these reports, drafted by the social workers, the doctors, and the RCMP constable prior to disclosure by the Crown. He testified that he had not, and had never been presented them to ensure their accuracy. And so the day was largely an exercise of vetting the Crown’s inaccuracies. This should have been done four years ago. Had these corrections been made four years ago, and the precise details and meaning of Ezekiel’s health history been properly recorded, would there be a trial at all? The words of John Mayer are true about the government, “…when they own the information, they can bend it all they want”. Lets hope that the jury picked up on the vitally important corrections, which are the truth in this case.