Today In Court – Thursday April 14, 2016

The trial resumed this morning with the re-direct of questioning by Defense, after the Crown completed their cross-examination of David yesterday. And yesterday, the Crown had asked David if he accepted “Yet” that his son had died of meningitis. David’s answer was explored by Defense today to explain his uncertainty. He wanted to say more, but restrained his answer to, “… evidence had come to his attention that indicates Ezekiel did not die of meningitis”.

Because the Crown questioned David yesterday about the EMPowerplus that he gave Ezekiel, the Defense was entitled to explore further the story of his grandfather’s suicide, his mother’s suicide, his sister’s attempted suicide and serial psychiatric ward constraints, his brother’s psychotic violence, his father’s frustration with the psychiatric system and medications, the idea and advent of nutrition as a solution, the successful treatment of his family and hundreds of thousands since, the 30 medical journal publishings, the Court ruling in favor of Truehope vs Health Canada, and so on, and so on.

David was asked if he had a bias toward the natural health industry over the health of his son, as the Crown attempted to smear him yesterday? He replied his: “only bias is his children’s needs”. He was asked if he had ever seen a naturopathic doctor for himself, and when was the last time he had seen an MD. He answered no to the ND, and 2008 for the MD.

David was asked about the show of force by the Calgary Police Service at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), the night Ezekiel arrived. The 3-4 uniformed and fully equipped police (lethal weapons, restraining weapons, combative weapons) in the PICU was intimidating. David and Collet had been told that the police were there for them, as an investigation had commenced by Child Protective Services into their right to keep Ezra (their other son). Even the doctors were distressed over this incredible show of force that was, “above and beyond protocol”. This, along with the fear of Ezekiel dying, which was fed by the doctors forewarning that his heart could fail at any moment, caused even greater heartache and anxiety. David felt they were being “robbed of limited time they may have with Ezekiel”. These parents hadn’t seen their son in hours; they left Cardston, went home to pack near Glenwood, drove to Calgary, awaited the helicopter’s arrival, and awaited the completion of tests done on Ezekiel. What they faced in the PICU was more like a “Combat Unit”, rather than a “Care Unit”. David described the sleep deprived, high anxiety, fear of death, and show of lethal force while watching 4 helicopters land just outside the PICU before their son arrived as a “war zone”. Choppers, guns, and fear!

Collet was sworn in today to begin her testimony. It was a heart-breaking experience for nearly all who listened, as she retold with greater clarity the true history as outlined in the reports. She will stand tomorrow to answer the Crown’s contentious questions. We’ll report more of her testimony and its clarity once the Crown has completed their cross-examination tomorrow.