The great lengths to which the establishment will go to push the vaccine agenda!

In order for Chief Justice Catherine Fraser, from the top courts in Alberta, to come to the conclusions that she did in ruling against the Stephans in favour of the crown, serious omissions of critical evidence had to take place. There were two main elements to the crowns appeal that had to be met in order to overturn the Stephans acquittals and send them back for a third trial, 9 years after their son Ezekiel died due to medical malpractice / misadventure.

The 1st element is that the appeal courts had to accept that Justice Clackson erred in law when he determined that the crown had to prove that medical attention would’ve actually made a difference for Ezekiel, establishing it as a necessity of life. Undermining the rights of all Canadian parents, the appeal court did in fact accept this by establishing that medical attention is a necessary of life by citing case law from 118 years ago. 

The 2nd element that the appeal court had to accept is that there was an apprehension of bias in relation to Justice Clackson in his dealings with Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo, the medical examiner who went to great lengths, stepping outside of the accepted scientific protocols when employing the non approved PCR test to determine that Ezekiel had bacterial meningitis. After omitting the truth that they had before them, they also accepted this to be the case. 

The basis of the appeal court findings that there was an apprehension of bias, is found in the commentary of Justice Clackson surrounding the inability of Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo to communicate coherently in the English language. In order for the appeal courts to fabricate a narrative that would support the crowns assertions and allow for the Ezekiel Stephan case to continue on into 10 years of litigation, the Chief Justice of Alberta would have to ignore a large piece of evidence that the Stephans submitted to her, having it in her possession for nearly 1 full year prior to her rendering this decision. 

Here is the narrative that the Chief Justice would have to create in order to allow the crown to overturn the acquittals and send the Stephans back to trial:

Here is what took place in reality 3 months prior to the 2019 trial, that the Chief Justice would have to omit in order to support her decision:

It is abundantly clear that the Stephans took issue over Dr. Adeagbo’s incomprehensibility prior to the 2019 trial and that it was not Justice Clackson who incited this issue. To say anything otherwise would be nothing short of an egregious lie. The same egregious lie that was used to ultimately justify sending the Stephans back to trial once again. 

To add insult to injury, the appeal courts would not only twist and omit the truth to reach their desired outcome, but would also draw the conclusions that Ezekiel would almost certainly be alive today had he been vaccinated… resurrecting the vaccine battle that was laid to rest nearly 5 years ago by presenting real scientific evidence. Not only did the the appeal courts ignore, twist and distort the truth, but they even fabricated facts out of thin air to push a medically tyrannical agenda. Facts that could not be derived from any of the court transcripts from over the past 9 years.

As Canadians, we should all be gravely concerned with what the courts are looking to establish with the Stephan trial. In a country was once highly esteemed for it’s freedom, we should not so easily allow the establishment to undermine our parental rights and freedom of medical choice. 

Lastly, let us not forget that by ensuring that they had the proper equipment to easily save Ezekiel Stephan’s life, had the medical system acted responsibly in the first place… this case would not be before the courts today.